Episode 16: Into Deep…

Has it really been two years?

As I scroll through Iphone pictures and videos from the last two years; I am quickly reminded that geesh, I’ve been through a lot of shit here. I moved to Los Angeles on a hot spring day in June with the hopes of becoming a famous TV writer with ties to the funniest comics in L.A and lunch dates with Childish Gambino.  I do know some pretty hilarious comedians but I’m not writing for TV and Childish Gambino and we have not been to Sage  yet and you know what I’m totally not okay with it!

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It’s cool though, L.A. has kept me busy enough that I don’t think about it too often. When I was living  in a Craigslist scammed apartment with a dirty IG model two years ago I must admit, I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Part of me was struggling to open myself up to this new big af city and the other part was passionate and gun-hole about making this famous TV writer thing happen.

Two years later, I have created a life I never saw coming. I never thought my closest friends from college would move here and help me create content, I never imagined becoming certified to teach Yoga Barre. I didn’t even know what Yoga Barre was two years ago.  I can’t believe I got to work with one of my favorite content creators, or work for BET. I work at a Yoga studio and I’m in love with it. How many people actually love their job?  I just sold Russell Simmons a Yoga class package.

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I hike, I smoke the best and finest of marijuana, I perform stand-up comedy, I drive for lyft, I go to eclectic party in the hills, I have a connection with an incredible man that continues to show me how lit life and love can be. Even this blog, how have I had over two thousand readers in the last couple years. Who is reading this? Thank you so much. You have no idea or maybe you, how it feels to get your thoughts out into the world so you can connect with or inspire someone. I’m here for so much more than just being a TV writer.

That box that I so desperately kept trying to live in is now living with someone on 7th and San Pedro.

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I  feel like I just landed here, like I have so much more to do but I’m already here doing so much. I’m grateful for everything I have. I’m grateful for the support of so many people and the good Lord above for getting me through  those two panic attacks. I had to know I was going to be okay and I am. Evolving every day finding new ways to make this life a YOLO experience.

All I know is I’m into deep now. Word to LL.Image result for ll cool j in too deep gif

There’s no way I can just stop. I have a weed musical to produce, a podcast to record, a job that appreciates me, a man that understands me, friends that keep me uplifted and let’s not forget the $20 8th’s.

So..keep reading, keep watching (I can say that now!) and just keep praying for me. Someone definitely is.

Stay Tuned.